Local Products

Unique geographical details are one of the things that makes Urla so unique. We are sure that the products of this place also contribute to this uniqueness:

Artichoke is a vegetable that is paired with a healthy life and resembles nothing but itself. Urla's unique artichoke is an indispensable part of the fresh flavors of Aegean tables. You can see it in different recipes at many points included in Urla Gastronomy Route.
Olives are definitely one of the first ones to come to mind when we think of the local products that are the subject of stories, legends and history. At this point Urla can tell its history with olives. Have you heard of the “date olives” that are unique to this place? It is a variety that can be consumed without any processing after harvesting. Perhaps the best representative of the stories that belong here.
It is true that its cultivation and processing requires wisdom. The most memorable moments of the route will undoubtedly include the moments when you walk through the vineyards where the grapes form the background one after the other.
An okra (“bamya” in Turkish) that belongs to Urla that you will recognize from the shape wherever you see it. We call it “Urla Kınalı Bamyası”. In the restaurants included in the Urla Gastronomy Route, we are sure that it will be served in different recipes you have never tasted before and make okra unforgettable.