Located about half an hour's drive from Izmir city center, Urla aims to be one of the best gastronomy destinations in the country.
Urla Gastronomy Route, located in this wonderful geography, actually offers you a menu with all the beauties of Urla: dozens of things to see from the variety of Aegean herbs to the vineyards...

The restaurants in this formation, which are scattered throughout the route, promise to be unforgettable points of your discoveries with menus honoring local production in Urla.
Urla is undoubtedly the place where you can experience the unique texture of the Aegean Region in the most calm way.

With its atmosphere of being an old port city, it gives you the feeling that time has stopped.

The nature that the sea and the green appreciate each other is a harbinger of inevitable peace.
Urla Gastronomy Route is a discovery route that contains dozens of different memorable stories.

It leaves to your initiative to be caught in the flow of time, to determine the points to go and the breaks to be taken.

It assures you that it will only offer unforgettable flavors in an attractive geography.